Human Rights

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Discussion Questions for
the Pollution in People Study


    1. If you had been asked to participate in this study, and to provide hair, blood and urine samples for purposes of finding toxic chemicals, would you have agreed to participate? Why or why not?

    2. The study’s authors explain why they wanted to undertake this study. What do you understand their reasons to be? Do you consider those reasons valid?

    3. Of the key findings (in the executive summary), which do you consider most significant? Why?

    4. After reviewing the toxicity profiles of the ten participants, did you find the results in any of the participants more surprising than the others? Which one(s) and why was it surprising to you?

    5. Each section of the Report concludes with a “Policy Changes Needed” section. Pick any one of those sections, outline the policy changes the study recommends, and say what you personally think of those policy change recommendations.

    6. The study authors make several recommendations (in the executive summary). Which of those recommendations do you consider the most important? Why?

    7. In your judgment, which human rights norms that we have come across so far do you think have significant bearing on the results of this Pollution in People study?