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Final Exam


Please do not respond to these till Saturday evening
(I’m posting them now only so you’ll have a little while to think about them.)

Your discussions up until Saturday evening or Sunday morning should focus on the assignment for the first part of the week.  After that, for the remainder of the week, discussions should focus around the "Key Themes" and "Commentary" discussion questions below.

These two sets of DQs are in lieu of a final exam, so you’ll want to make your responses very good.

Please do the "Themes" DQs first, and the "Commentary" DQ second.

Final Exam Discussion Questions:

I. Key Themes

1.  Pick out at least four (it could be more) key ideas or themes that we explored in this course that you found to be interesting or provocative or meaningful to you. 

a.) Summarize what each of those ideas is.  Then b) explain what it was about each of those ideas that you found interesting or provocative or meaningful.

So your response to this question will come in four (or more) parts, one for each of the four ideas you will be describing and discussing.  And each part will have both a) and b) elements. So there will be a 1a and 1b, 2a and 2b, etc.  

2.  Respond to at least two of the single themes expressed by your classmates, perhaps asking them a question about it, or relating it to some other idea in the class that you found important, or offering your own opinion on that idea, etc.


II. Commentary

1. Looking at the class more broadly, write a short commentary to your classmates (try to make it less than two or three screens long) describing some of what you feel you have learned in this course, and whether you see any ways that what you have learned might be put to practice in your own life.

2. Write a short response to the commentary that at least one (or maybe two) of your classmates has written.


Please post your answers and responses
into the Final Exam Discussion forum in the classroom.