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Study Questions for

Miss Evers' Boys

Please post your responses to these SQs into the Study Questions folder.


  1. In scene I, the men appear to be wary of participating in a government study. Why?
  2. What was Miss Evers' initial reason for participating in the study?
  3. What was the full name of the study and what was it intended to examine?
  4. How does Dr Douglas persuade Willie to have his blood drawn?
  5. What argument does Dr Douglas use with Dr Brodus to allow the study to continue (page 40)?
  6. What was the reason that syphilis was not considered worthy of government research funds?
  7. In scene 5, what is Miss Evers' objection to the proposed study? How is her objection overcome by both doctors?
  8. Why didn't the "boys" receive penicillin when it became available?
  9. Brodus uses whose ethical modality, Mill's or Kant's, to justify his own actions (page 76). Explain.
  10. What does Miss Evers' opening recitation of the nurse's pledge do for the story?