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Fear in the Fields Assignment
and Discussion Questions



This week you will be discussing events in Quncy, Washington, an agriculture community on the East side of the Cascades, as reported in 1997 by Duff Wilson, a Seattle Times reporter.

This assignment involves four elements:

  1. Read the "Fear in the Fields" series of Seattle Times articles (below) to learn what you can about this situation in an agricultural community in Eastern Washington. Post a short paragraph describing to classmates what you understand to be the most salient or interesting elements of this situation

  2. Say a few words about what ethical issues come to mind for you in reading about these events.

  3. If you had to frame some of those ethical issues in terms of human rights norms or violations, what rights would you see as particularly relevant?

  4. Discuss each other's responses to these DQs.



The "Fear in the Fields" series