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Assignment for week two



There are two sets of assignments this week. The first set will begin on Thursday, will be discussed Thursday through Saturday, and be completed by Sunday.

The second set will begin on Sunday, will be discussed Sunday through Tuesday, and be completed by Wednesday evening.

I. Thursday through Sunday:


  • Ursula LeGuin, The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas (available in the classroom


  • DQs for LeGuin
  • Your answers to these DQs should be posted and discussed in the Class Discussion folder

  • This discussion of The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas should begin on Thursday or Friday, actively continue through Friday and Saturday, and be completed by Sunday
  • On Sunday you will begin discussing Erskine Caldwell's story Saturday Afternoon in the Class Discussion folder

II. Sunday through Wednesday:



  • The DQs at the end of the Relativism/Essential lecture should be answered and discussed in the Class Discussion folder.

You’ll probably want to start reading this story right away so that your discussion can begin by Sunday , actively continue through Monday and Tuesday, and be concluded by Wednesday evening at 8pm. Please remember: it is not necessary to have completed your reading of the book before you post your first thoughts or questions about it.


Research projects:

This is a good week to start getting ideas for your research project assignment and to get your research project approved. N.B.: The approval process often takes several back and forth emails, which means it can take several days or a week, sometimes longer, before a topic finally gets approved. You'll want to start the process asap so you can be sure to make the deadline. Details about the research project assignment can be found here.