Human Rights

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Assignment for week six





  • Here are two unassigned, but powerful and compelling, video addenda. You may wish to take a peek at either or both of them.
    • One of the most powerful pollution-in-people studies conducted so far is described in a short video (20 min) produced a couple years ago by the Environmental Working Group, titled “10 Americans,” about the chemicals to which fetuses are exposed in utero. It can be viewed here.
    • In November 2009 the Washington Toxics Coalition published another pollution-in-people study, titled Earliest Exposures, in which seven pregnant women were tested to see what environmental chemicals fetuses are exposed to in their first nine months of life. The executive summary can be viewed here, and short video clips of interviews with the mothers can be seen here.

  • If you view either of these videos, you might reflect on these questions:
    • Whose rights would you say have been compromised here?
    • Which specific rights would you say have been compromised?
    • And what entities or persons would you say have not met their duties to respect those rights?


Write out your responses to the Discussion Questions and post them into the Class Discussion forum in the classroom. Your initial responses to DQs should be posted into the classroom by Saturday or Sunday.


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