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Onerous Consequences for
Missing Research Project Deadlines


The deadline for getting approval for your project's topic, resources, date, etc is Tuesday evening of week three.

You will set your own deadline for posting your final paper to the classroom's Research Projects folder. The deadline date you choose must be between the Friday of week seven and the Sunday of week eight.

Consequences for missing the project approval deadline:

If your project does not receive its approval by the deadline, the research project grade will be dropped one-half grade for each day it is late (e.g., from B to B-, or from 3.0 to 2.7). Thus if the deadline is 6pm on Tuesday, the grade will drop one-half grade if it is turned in after 6pm on Tue. It will drop a full grade if it is turned in after 6pm on Wednesday. It will drop one-and-a-half grades if it is turned in after 6pm on Thursday. It will drop two full grades if it is turned in after 6pm on Friday, and so on.

Consequences for missing the paper posting deadline:

The same consequence will result if your final paper were to be posted past the deadline date you've given yourself. That is, if the project would have earned a 2.7 or B-, for example, if it were posted a day late it would earn a 2.4 or C+.

I know that all of our lives are busy and that meeting deadlines can be a real challenge, so I would suggest that you try to complete these assignments before the deadlines, just in case some complication comes up in your life - you get sick, have an accident, fall in love, or some other catastrophe - on the deadline date.

Best wishes with all of this.