Human Rights

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Assignment for week ten




In addition to these formally assigned postings, of course, there can also be the more informal postings about any other ideas or questions or arguments that strike you in the assigned reading.

The postings for this week will all be posted into the Classroom Discussion folder.

Self Evaluations:

  • Project SEs and Final course SEs are due on Wednesday, the last day of the quarter. No earlier than Wednesday -- because your SE needs to include information from the entire quarter, even the last few days -- and no later than Wednesday because I will need to turn in grades shortly after the last day of class. That means there really is not much wiggle room here, unfortunately. Both SEs need to be turned in on Wednesday.
  • Your Final SE should contain information for all your work for the entire quarter (not just for the second half).
  • Turning in complete SEs when they are due is one of the absolute requirements of the course. It is not possible to earn a passing grade without making sure your SEs are complete and turned in on time.
  • Just as you did with the Midterm SE, you will use the SE Forms provided on the Self Evaluation homepage, and then, after completing it, email it to me per the SE instructions. You may need to review the instructions for downloading and completing the forms. Using the SE forms is one of the requirements.

Class ends this Wednesday evening