Human Rights

Dr Tom Kerns












"All individuals are entitled to live in an environment
adequate for their health and well-being."

- United Nations Resolution 45/94

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Apr 5-7
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Apr 8-14
Apr 15-21
assignment for week two
• Rd: The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas
• Wt: Omelas Discussion Questions
• Rd: Saturday Afternoon
• Rd: lecture on ethical relativism/essentialism
• Wt: lecture DQs
Research Project (& personal narratives) assignment
Apr 22-28
Apr 29-May 5
assignment for week four
• Rd: Environmentally Induced Illness
• Wt: EII DQs
• Watch: A Killer Bargain (URL available in classroom)
• Wt: DQs for A Killer Bargain
Midterm Self Evaluation due between Thur & Tue of week 4
May 6-12
May 13-19
assignment for week six
• midterm exam (details in the classroom)
• Rd: Morsink, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Origins, Drafting and Intent, Intro, chps 1, 2, 8
Wt: DQs for Morskink
• Rd: American Declaration on the Rights and Duties of Man
• Rd: Steingraber lecture to Bioneers 2008 conference
• view Steingraber Bioneers lecture here or here.
• Rd: Pollution in People study; online report; download report
• Wt: Pollution in People DQs
an important note about writing your research paper
May 20-26
assignment for week seven
• Rd: Linking Human Rights and the Environment, Intro, chps 1, 2, 3, 7 & 9 (chps 4, 5 & 6 are optional; chapter 8 will be read in week 9)
• Wt: DQs for Picolotti & Taillant, Linking Human Rights and the Environment
May 27-Jn 2
assignment for week eight
• Rd: Ibsen, Enemy of the People
Wt: DQs for Enemy of the People
• lecture: overview of human rights methods and practices
• Wt: DQs for Human Rights Methods & Practice lecture
• Presentation and discussion of research project papers
• Post and discuss collected personal narratives by Sunday
June 3-9
assignment for week nine
• Rd: Donnelly, Universal Human Rights in Theory & Practice, Introduction, chapters 1 & 2 (pp 1-37)
• Rd: Linking Human Rights and the Environment, chp 8, "Environmental Advocacy and the Inter-American Human Rights System"
• Wt: LHRE DQs for chapter 8
• Wt: Donnelly DQs
June 10-16
assignment for week ten
• Rd: public opinion survey on human rights in the US
• Wt: DQs on the public opinion survey
final exam
• (or you could take this alternate final exam)
• Final SE and Project SE due on Wednesday
class ends this Wednesday evening