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Assignment for Week Three




This week we focus our attention on human subjects research, i.e.,on biomedical research involving the use of human beings as research subjects.

Please finish reading the play, The Nuremberg Code and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by Saturday, and begin posting your answers to the SQs and DQs by Saturday as well. It would be good to finish the posting of your first answers by Monday evening or Tuesday morning so the remaining days of the week (Tue & Wed) can be used for continuing the discussion of those first postings.

This week's work includes the following.


The play we're reading this week is a fictional depiction of a real study that was actually done, The Tuskegee Syphilis Study. You read only a little about it this past week. It is important to keep in mind that what we are reading and discussing this week is fiction, but there was a real study that had many of the same features as the study described in our play.

It would be interesting to see what you can find out on the web about the actual study and its aftermath. One place to start might be here.

By far the best, most readable, and most authoritative account of the Tuskegee Study is James Jones' book, Bad Blood. You could, if you wanted to, read a few pages from it for free at amazon.com.

Also read:


Research projects:

A reminder that your research project topic needs to be approved by this coming Tuesday (i.e., Tuesday of week three), so it's definitely time to get your project topic approved. The approval process often takes several back and forth emails which means it can take several days before a topic finally gets approved. Details about the research project assignment can be found here.

Midterm Self Evaluations:

Your Midterm Self Evaluation will be due in about ten days (by Tuesday evening of Week four) so you'll probably want to start filling out the form this week. Details about downloading the Midterm SE Form can be found here.

Self Evaluations are one of the absolute requirements of the course. It is not possible to pass the course without turning in complete self evaluations when they are due, so you'll want to be sure and download the Midterm SE Form (please do use the Form provided) and get started on it soon. This first Midterm SE is due anytime between Thursday morning of week four (Jan 28, no earlier) and Tuesday evening of week four (Feb 2, no later).